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Why A Greyhound?
Greyhounds are not the most beautiful dogs in the world, but once you are around them, they become gorgeous to you. I chose a greyhound for my pet therapy because they are in need of homes after they retire. I figured if I was retired on disability, why not give my therapy pet a disability retirement as well. Nearly 30,000 greyhounds are killed each year after their racing carreers are finished. I wanted to give mine another chance.

This is me and my therapy pet Zig
Zig's racing name was U Zig. The U stands for Unruly, the hall of fame racer in his pedigree. Zig raced at Tri State Greyhound Park in Cross Lanes, WV where he broke a leg in his 16th race. He was born on October 13, 1999, too young for retirement and certainly too young to be put to sleep.
My daughter Heather and Zig
Greyhounds are real kid friendly dogs and give back more love than you can ever give them.
My son Tyler and a greyhound pup
This picture was taken at Country Roads Kennel in Winfield, WV where we vist my good friend and race breeder Geary Burns. There are about 75 greyhounds in the kennel and all are adopted out after retirement.
This smiling greyhound is Kayla
I wanted to adopt Kayla as well, but someone got her before I could get her.